Recycle Kyle

Recycle Kyle is from Seattle and loves to skateboard! He was skateboarding and fell down on a can! But since then, he has been dedicated to recycling after seeing how easy it is and that everyone can do their part! Kyle is the perfect best friend and companion for your special little boy or girl and is a great imaginative gift for everyone who cares about the planet! Kyle is 12-inches tall, with a detailed embroidered face and comes fully accessorized wearing a removable t-shirt with a recycling symbol, shorts, coordinated sneakers and a Kyle-sized recycling bag. Award-winning Global Green Pals are made with Oeko-Tex 100 certified organic cotton. Clothing and accessories are made with organic, natural and tested fibers and low impact dyes. Dolls are stuffed with 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic PET bottle stuffing. Kyle comes with an imaginative character tag printed on recycled paper, using soy based ink that tells each character story and offers kid-friendly green tips on how to help the Earth. Don't forget, every time you purchase a Global Green Pal, you help the earth too, as a portion of every purchase supports earth-saving efforts around the globe via One Percent for the Planet! Kyle cannot wait to be your little one's Pal and spread the word about saving the environment together! Great for parents, educator and kids ages 3+.
Kyle size bag included.
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